Kimberley Women’s Pro-Active Self Patch Breeches by B Vertigo

B Vertigo Kimberley Women's Pro-Active Self Patch Breeches B Vertigo Kimberley Women's Pro-Active Self Patch Breeches B Vertigo

AMAZING BREECHES.  Right now definitely my favorites!  So comfortable and super flattering.  B Vertigo is definitely one of my new favorite brands right now.  $199 on Horze.


These knock-out orchid purple riding breeches will stop traffic.

The season’s hottest color comes in a soft, durable stylish riding breech. These high waisted breeches are the latest from B Vertigo and will match with many of the items in the seasonal collection.


  • High quality breeches for the active female rider in this season’s hottest color
  • Durable and functional
  • Great comfort at the bottom of the leg
  • High waist

Technical description:

Materials: 92% Polyamide, 8% Polyurethane.


Jin Stirrups

I rode in Jin Stirrups for a week while I was away and fell in love!  They are very high quality and durable.  You feel extremely stable in the saddle.  I am definitely getting a pair for my new saddle.  Highly recommend especially if you are a jumper!  They are quite expensive for stirrups but if you are looking for a stirrup with a wider footbed, I would definitely consider these.

Jin Stirrups

“Jin Stirrups are extremely lightweight, yet offer exceptional stability. In high quality aluminum, each stirrup weighs just 350 grams-approximately 3/4of a pound. The wide, grated footbed provides stability and grip. A high-tech, high precision anodization process ensures that the color won’t fade or chip. Already the choice of many of Europe’s top show jumpers, these indestructible stirrups are rapidly gaining popularity in the United States.”

$275 at Dover.

**If you have a friend who lives in Europe.  BUY THEM THERE!!! Emmers sells them for $141 euros. .. go to their webshop and you can buy them directly.  You just have to have them shipped locally.  But they are well worth it if you can get them… With the Euro down, you can get them for about $150 USD right now! 🙂

Black Olive Trophy Hunters by Tailored Sportsman

My newest purchase is Black Olive Trophy Hunters by Tailored Sportsman.  The color is gorgeous!! It is a super rich charcoal with a small hint of green.. really really classy color.  I’m in love 🙂  The picture does the color absolutely no justice whatsoever.  I have a ton of Trophy Hunters because they really fit me like a glove and the regular sizes are a perfect length for me.   I am pretty short and so many times I fall in love with breeches but even the normal widths are way to long.

Overall, I don’t have to go over quality because we all know and love Trophy Hunters.. but Black Olive is a gorgeous color to add to the list!! Please see them in real life everyone!!  Again, the pictures do them ZERO justice.

Black Olive Trophy Hunters Tailored Sportsman

GREEN! Emerald Plaid Show Shirt & Central Park City Breech by Le Fash NY

I’m all about greens right now.. and I have no idea why.  I’m usually not a huge green fan.  I adore this combo by Le Fash.  Emerald Plaid Show Shirt is $ 215 and the Central Park City Breech is $328.  You can buy them directly from Le Fash at

Emerald Plaid Le Fash NYCentral Park City Breech by Le Fash

C4 Equestrian Belts

C4 Belts Equestrianc4belt`

“C4’s mission is to promote individuality through quality belts that gives back. C4 stands for Choose your Color, Choose your Cause. Not only do you Choose the Colors to best match your style, you also Choose one of four Charities to determine how we give back 10% of your online purchase. Choice is key; express your freedom.” -C4 Belts

Review:  So I ordered a few of these.. (2 for gifts) one for myself.. Interesting product.  I do like them very much, they are definitely fun belts.  First of all, you cut and size your own belt, they only sell one size… which is actually a cool idea and very easy.  You cut, clasp your buckle to the newly size belt and your good to go.  You can also change your buckles whenever you want to give you a new belt every time.

I really like the belt, it’s fun and gets the job done but the buckle is a lightweight plastic.. Nothing wrong with that though 🙂  Being that the belt is rubber, it is virtually indestructible too.. overall, I will definitely buy more!

Don’t forget!! Every purchase, C4 gives 10% of your online purchase to a charity of your choice.  🙂

Equi In Style (EIS) Show Shirts

Everyone should go purchase and EIS shirt if they haven’t already.. probably one of the best riding shirts, ever.  I am a big fan of their COOL Collection. The COOL shirts reduce body temperature by 5 degrees, super light weight a breathable, quick drying and fits amazing.  Also, EIS states that they have anti-microbial/odor control on their shirts.  Lots of fun color combos that I love!

EIS Equi In Style Cool Shirt EIS Equi In Style Cool Shirt

Starts at around $96.00

They have some great closeout on their website for almost half price as well right now.

Ghodho Breeches

Ghodho Breeches Featured by Tacking Up Ghodho Breeches Featured by Tacking Up Ghodho Breeches Featured by Tacking Up Ghodho Breeches Featured by Tacking Up Ghodho Breeches Featured by Tacking Up

Loving the new breeches by Ghodho.

“This breech is so unique. It has curved stitching that accentuates all the right places. With contrast topstitching, nickel zippers at hem, jean style front pockets, faux welt back pockets, faux crocodile knee patches and gummy elastic at hem, it creates a second skin that is comfortable, functional and fabulous!”

SOO affordable for really nice breeches.  Everyone should try them out. 🙂